College STudents

emotional readiness is the best predictor of adjustment


Onset of most mental health disorders is between the ages of 14-26

More than 85% of college students felt “overwhelmed " in the last year

51% reported feeling that “things were hopeless” in the last semester

Only 1/3 of students received treatment at counseling centers

Higher education Music collaboration

Musical Health Education


Startag* partners with colleges to educate students about how they can harness the power of music for their own health and wellness by learning the fundamentals of a musical brain.  

Broaden Musician Mindsets


Our digital music and wellness seminar is aimed at educating an innovative workforce to pursue secondary degrees and varied musical careers in technology, health and business.  



Startag* provides opportunities for students to get involved in  marketing, technology, data science and strategy  helping students use their skills in an innovative way.