the startag* method will


Our trifecta of science, musical team, and technology takes the guesswork out of where you are emotionally and helps you make new decisions with confidence.


Music affects almost every region of the brain.  Our therapeutic playlists helps you truly change your perspective from the inside out.  


 You'll get the energy of a DJ with the attention, knowledge and inspiration from an experienced board certified music therapist to transform your life. 

Startag* Music Benefits

Here's why people love using the Startag* program to heal.

how we do it


“I had a blast trying this out! I’m not nearly as critical of myself & I’m sleeping so much better!"

“I’m going to start going to work again with my sons. The music comforted & helped me realized I need purpose on a daily basis.”

“Wonderful program! This was needed to help us feel human again... it's now made possible.”

Music Therapy Results


Music Therapy Treatment

Participants consistently rated music therapy as more effective than other programming in addressing specific psychiatric deficit areas. Additionally, 57% of participants noted that music therapy was their favorite therapy.    

~  Journal of Music Therapy   


Music Therapy & Mental Health

Music therapy is beneficial for patients receiving care for mental disorders and establishing this therapy within mental health service provision should be considered.   Clinical outcomes are available through the use of music therapy intervention in conjunction with standard treatment methods. 

~  Journal of Psychological Medicine 


Lyric Analysis & Integration

 Lyric analysis focusing on values’ clarification was shown to be an effective intervention for influencing perceived locus of control, and helping to develop a positive attitude towards self and recovery.  

~   The Arts in Psychotherapy