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Startag* is a method, its a brand, its a company.  

Our techniques are new, innovative and different.  

We want to make sure you  have everything you need to succeed with our technology and our clients.  You'll learn about the method, the application, the program and how to effectively communicate via video/phone with your clients.  


Part Time Opportunties

You have a flexible schedule, you get to set your hours, build your client list and do what you love from home.

Our part time rates are competitive. The only catch...your results with our clients determine how many future clients we refer to you.

We need your help as do all our clients!


Startag* for Music Therapists

Our music platform is one of a kind and you'll no longer have to search for the perfect song for your clients.  

You'll know whether they listened.  You'll know if they like the songs.  You'll know if they journaled.  

Your sessions will be incredibly effective.  We take the guesswork out of the equation.

Benefits of being a STartag* Music Therapist

Part Time Hours

We know you have other things going on.  Hours are flexible and we supplement your income competitively.

Work From Home

You need an internet connection, a phone, computer and your skills.  Work from the comfort or your home or anywhere in the world.

Client Referrals

We refer clients to you.  We are educating the community about the benefits of music therapy and growing the field.

Measurable Progress

We help you understand whether your intervention is effective or needs tuning so you can adjust in the moment. 

You have a Community

We are a group of people who have changed our lives with music and are passionate about changing others.  

No Billing

We handle the nitty gritty paperwork so you can do what you do best, work with and heal your clients. 


Becoming a Startag* Music Therapist

Through a two-fold interview process, we seek candidates who excel in their specialty and are advocates for making music therapy more accessible. 

Every therapist we hire becomes part of our family and helps us in our mission to make music a lifeline for people.

We value your experience and always look for ways to connect your specialized services to people who need them most.  We would love to learn more about you.

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